What Millennials Expect from a Hotel

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Millennials want experiences–more than things. This generation values adventure and travel. Millennials don’t travel in the same manner, on the same schedule, with the same technology or with the identical expectations as their parents.

Why is the Millennial Market important for hotels?

The Pew Research Centre estimates that the 71,000,000-strong Millennial generation was born between 1981-96. This makes them the largest living generation. These trends will be crucial for hotels that wish to remain relevant to this large group of adults.

Keep your hotel portfolio current for the Gen Y wave. Understand Millennials to ensure you don’t get left behind. Here’s a list of 8 strategies to target Gen Y with tips on how to make them love experiential services.

Mobile-friendly websites are a must!

Put everything–everything–online. Millennials want to be able to book everything online, from booking a hotel room to check-in to ordering room service. They are used to talking with AI and will appreciate having a chatbot guide them through the booking process.

Remember that Millennials are now event planners. For group bookings, phone calls and in-person meetings still are important. However, you can give as much information online as you like about event spaces and parameters. A/V setups. F&B options. Provide a means for potential customers to request additional information online. Please allow them to choose whether to receive outreach via phone, email, or text.

Maintain only high-quality properties in your portfolio

Bankrate shows that Millennials spend an average of $1,943 per year on travel, while the older generations spend $2,665. Millennials and Gen Z are more interested in travel than the Baby Boomers but will spend less on hotel accommodations. Millennials are more concerned about travel experience and frequency than luxury, at least in their young to middle adulthoods.

Make sure Millennials looking to spend their money outside of hotels know that your budget-friendly hotel is a great basecamp for any excursions. Ensure to provide informational materials in the lobby about local cultural, artistic, outdoor or niche offerings. Also, train staff to best serve groups, families and foodies. Ask staff for ideas!

Last-minute bookings are a hot trend.

The trend is toward spontaneity. Millennials are a big group when it comes to last-minute travel. In an MMGY survey, 49% reported taking a last-minute vacation within the past 12 months.

The survey found that Gen Xers don’t mind a last-minute vacation. 30% of them admitted to having done it in the same survey. However, Gen Xers are more likely to travel last-minute due to a scheduled opening than Millennials. Millennials lead the charge by citing ‘desire (50%) and ‘flash offers’ (30%) as the deciding factors.

Personalize whenever possible

Appealing to Millennials may seem paradoxical. This segmented market expects personalized marketing and experiences. This group doesn’t expect to be treated with generalizations.

Your CRM software has many customer segmentation tools. Could you make the most of them? You can offer promotions and deals based on past upgrades, such as a room with views, a king-size bed or a particular drink. Groups may be interested in options that appeal to them. (For example, a ‘yogurt and yoga’ workout-and-breakfast option for a wellness-focused trade show.)

Get involved with your local community.

Be local and authentic. Millennials want more than just a break from the daily grind. They also desire to enjoy the cuisine, recreational opportunities and cultural events they cannot experience at home.

Look for ways to promote or host local events, festivals, and other activities. Make your hotel the destination of choice for visitors from outside of town. You can also welcome groups of people with custom signage. You can host a gathering before or after your off-site events.

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