Top 20 Event Management Business Ideas & Opportunity

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Are you interested in starting a business in event planning? Here are some of the most lucrative ideas for event management businesses.

This sector is open to detail-oriented and has an interest in helping others. It’s a good idea to have a background in event management. This will help you quickly get to grips with the industry. You can also target a niche market if you already have one.

The event management industry has experienced steady growth globally over the last five years. According to market research analysts, the USA will be the dominant market in terms of geographic regions. The Americas will see a rise in cloud-based event management services adopted by government and corporate organizations in the coming years.

This market is highly fragmented due to many small event management companies. The corporate sector dominates global event management as a services market.

The segment encompasses corporations, media organizations and associations, event management agencies and trade shows. It also includes educational institutes that host events for professionals such as product launches, conferences and seminars, company outings and dinners and team building.

Here are the Top 20 Event Management Business Ideas

#1. Award Ceremony Planner

Awards ceremonies are a common event around the world. There are many types of Government. Both private and public organizations organize this type of event. This type of event is also known for its specific theme and background. These organizers may also seek media coverage. You might also consider starting an event planning company that arranges awards ceremonies for clients.

#2. Birthday Party Planning

This business is for you if you enjoy spending time with children. Parents often arrange these parties for their children to increase their self-esteem. Parents may also look for unique themes, gift ideas and menu options. You can assist parents with arranging the guest lists, choosing the venue, decorating the interior, and serving the food.

#3. Career Expos

All over the world, career fairs and career expos are very popular. These fairs are popular with students, job seekers, and freshers looking for better opportunities. Being a career expo organizer requires excellent communication skills and solid networking abilities.

#4. Cleaning Services

Cleaning is a crucial after-event task. It is an excellent idea to start a cleaning company that offers services to event organizers. The organizers must return the venue clean after events are held at a rented location. This type of business is a good way to make a lot of money.

#5. Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planning is a key contributor to the industry’s revenue. Corporate houses often arrange this event for their employees, clients and channel partners. Your primary responsibility is to organize the events within the client’s budget.

#6. Event Catering

You might consider starting an event catering company if you are passionate about cooking and serving food. Many event planners and party planners prefer to sign a contract with event caterers. The catering industry can be a challenging career. This requires dedication, hard work, and the willingness to work long hours.

#7. Event Management Magazine

This opportunity is for you if you are looking to start a media or publishing-related business in event management. Either a magazine can be published on paper or online, or both. These magazines generally provide details about upcoming trade shows and visitor registration details. Some magazines also focus on international fairs.

#8. Event Management Software

This sector is very promising. Software solutions are a key component of event management businesses. Cloud-based software solutions have become very popular. If you are an IT professional, you might consider starting a software production company that caters to event managers.

#9. Event Planning School

Event planning schools generally offer degree programs in event planning. There are many online courses in event planning, but you can also earn a hospitality manager or event planner degree. You can find many niche degree programs for various niches. These include hospitality management, tourism marketing, event management, hotel management, and music production.

#10. Event Videography & Photography Services

Both videography and photography are important elements of any event. Sometimes, event hosting companies require both. This business is for you if you’re passionate about photo and videography. These businesses require upfront capital investment, primarily to purchase equipment and accessories.

#11. Fashion Show Planning

Fashion is a large industry. Fashion shows fall under the umbrella of media and entertainment. It isn’t easy to organize a fashion show. Show planners are often sought after by organizers. The product and audience are crucial aspects of this type of show. These are just two of the most important aspects. You also need to plan for background, advertising, licensing, and other details.

#12. Festival Planner

There are many festivals that people celebrate around the globe. Festival organizers rely on professional festival planners because festivals are places where many people gather. Film festivals, music festivals and fire festivals are among the most well-known festivals.

#13. Mobile DJ

DJ is a term that refers to a disc jockey. You might consider starting a mobile DJ company if you love music and making people smile. You will need to have sound skills and knowledge about operating the equipment. You will also need to make investments in transporting and procuring instruments.

#14. Outdoor Party Planning

Outdoor parties are most popular for sports events, adventure trips and barbeque. Outdoor parties require more attention to organizing the supplies and managing the event. Outdoor party hosts look for someone to manage the event smoothly. You can start an outdoor party planning company if you’re willing to work hard.

#15. Party bus rental

Good quality buses are essential for guests attending outdoor parties and destination parties. A party bus rental business can be a great investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a unique venture. The business requires an upfront investment to purchase the buses, pay the taxes, insure the staff overhead, and pay the insurance.

#16. Party Planning

Party Planning is a great opportunity to work for organized, detail-oriented and social. reports that the average annual salary for a Meeting/Event Planner is $60,985 as of January 30, 2018. This ranges between $52,500 and $71,783.

#17. Party Rental

Party rentals are a huge industry. You can open a business of any size depending on your local market potential and investment capacity. You can certainly open a rental company that offers almost all the equipment required for parties. You can also consider opening a niche rental business.


Each year, political parties spend millions on their campaigns. These campaigns draw a large number of people and require professional assistance. This business does not require a large capital investment. It is, however, a challenging career. You must also have experience in organizing this type of party.


Trade shows are a key part of every industry’s B2B business. Every country has its chamber of commerce association that organizes trade shows throughout the year. Agriculture, food, apparel and fashion are the most important segments. Travel, education, and franchise fairs are some of the most popular service-based tradeshows. You can start a trade show organization business if you are good at networking and building relationships.

#20. Wedding Planning

Wedding is second in event management revenue after corporate events. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Entrepreneurs looking to establish a successful business in event management can start a business.

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