This is the Essential Guide to Choosing The Best Background Music for Hotels

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Background music can be found everywhere. Background music can create an atmosphere of calm, energizing, and enjoyment, from the grocery store to your gas station. Background music is not only used for ambience. Some reports indicate that upbeat music in retail stores encourages spending.

Background music can set the tone for guests in hotels and influence branding. Learn more about background music, why it is important, and select the right playlist for your hotel.

Here’s a quick overview of background music in hotels

Background music was used in the hospitality industry as a tool to fill the silence. It was first used in the 1920s. As the years passed, the strategy evolved. The first was branded CDs for hotels that were available for purchase and played in the lobby. Next came the branded hotel radio channels that guests could download via an app. This included pre-selected standard music that was played from the lobby to your bar.

Why is hotel background music important?

Background music is a growing industry, and hotels are reaping the benefits. Background music for hotels is a great way to get noticed:

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or pastries to ease people into their mornings.
  • Get energized at lunches and breakout sessions.
  • Encourage fitness centre users to stay motivated.

Listening to certain songs on the radio can transport you to a specific place, time or feeling. Music can affect our memories and moods. Research has shown this. Listening to upbeat tunes can improve mood and increase happiness. This leads to better mental and physical health. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music can help people manage stress and pain and improve memory. Your hotel’s background music can make guests feel good, which will help create a positive guest experience.

These are the essential tips to consider before choosing your hotel’s music playlist.

Music is an important part of events, from weddings to conferences. Choosing the best background music is crucial to creating the right atmosphere. Music sets the tone and reflects your personality in your hotel. These tried-and-true suggestions will help you achieve musical success.

Background music is not allowed.

In a hotel, silence is not an option. The noise and bustle of the reception can cause discomfort for the ears. Your guests will find it soothing to hear background music as they wait in line.

You can connect the background music to your crowd.

Think about who your clients are before you start choosing music for your hotel’s different areas. Consider your target audience, and choose familiar, modern music that appeals to them. Are you a Commonly host who is a little older than the rest? Avoid the ‘pop’ and stick to classics. You can make your hotel family-friendly by using familiar but not too loud songs.

Your background music selections should be synchronized to the circadian rhythm.

Consider how you feel in the morning and night when choosing background music for your hotel. You will feel the same for your guests. You can adjust your playlists to suit guests’ needs at all times.

  • Enjoy soft music during the morning hours
  • In the early afternoon, listen to upbeat music
  • Mid-afternoon energetic music
  • Relaxing music for the evening

Change the background music frequently.

Your music should be a part of your hotel’s brand and help to keep memories alive after guests leave. You also need to rotate your selection of music. Repeating songs can be annoying for guests on extended vacations and annoying your staff who have to listen to the same songs every day. Luxury resorts often update 30 per cent of their songs every week, so playlists are usually completely refreshed every three weeks.

All your information in one place

Organize your music selections, play areas, and times you play songs in your planning program. Upload a file with background music details to create an event (e.g., The Hotel Hudson’s Master Playlist). You can include playlists for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the lobby. Also, you can specify when the music should be turned up in the pool or fitness centre. You can also create a “do not listen” list of songs that you will avoid at certain times of the day.

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