These are the Best Events to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

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Planners of corporate events must connect the dots between business objectives and specific event types. It can be difficult to decide which events will best help your company achieve its unique goals. There are many options.

This article will focus on the six most popular events for businesses and what you can expect from each of them. You’ll find plenty of details to help you start your planning. But first, a quick definition:

What are the different types of events?

There are three types of events: corporate, private and charity. Corporate events are focused on customers and businesses, while private events are more recreational and charity events for philanthropy.

Successful corporate events have clear and achievable goals. This is a good thing, considering the planning and cost involved in each event. We have you covered, whether you are new to corporate events planning or need some inspiration to help you reach your business goals.

These are the best events to help you achieve your business goals.

This section will focus on the four most important corporate events. Each type has a brief description, details about the business goals, venues that are best for them, how to plan your event, and examples from real-world companies you can learn from. Let’s get started!


A conference is an event that has a large attendance. It is usually held over several days and focuses on a single industry or theme. This event type offers a variety of activities, including speakers, contests and networking opportunities. There are also more casual get-togethers that take place pre-and after the conference.

These business goals are best: Increase product or brand awareness, increase sales and position the company as an expert.

The ideal venues for this event type are Conferences and Convention Centers.

This event type requires a strategic layout: A conference floor plan should be spacious and consider sightlines. To keep people focused on the stage, you can use auditorium seating or banquet seating to facilitate breakout groups.

Key takeaways from the conference:

Conferences can be a great way to help your audience understand your brand and business.

Trade shows

Trade shows bring together a lot of similar-minded companies under one common theme. This interactive event type uses exhibition booths and other interesting partners to create unforgettable experiences for its attendees.

These business goals are best: Display a range of old and new products. Connect face-to-face with your audience.

The ideal venues for this type of event: Convention and convention centres, auditoriums or universities

This event type has strategic layouts: Grid layouts organize booths into aisles to maximize space and group brands into the appropriate categories. This helps your audience plan which booths they are interested in and allows them to discover nearby brands that might be of interest to them.

Takeaways from the Trade Show:

Attendees love trade shows because they get to taste samples, participate in demonstrations, and learn about real services.


The seminars look a lot like the conference. Seminars are primarily focused on instruction and training. This is the biggest difference. Seminars are academic and, therefore, more effective when done in series. They also tend to involve smaller groups and less diverse events than larger, more complex ones.

These business goals are best:

  • Product training and employee training.
  • Certifications.
  • Courses that develop or reinforce long-term customer loyalty.

The ideal venues for this type of event: Board rooms, classrooms, small- to medium-sized multifunction spaces, and board rooms

This event type has strategic layouts: Conference-style tables and classroom layouts help attendees learn together while still allowing them to separate into groups or discuss sections.

Key seminar takeaways:

Seminars are educational events that connect businesses with their attendees. They provide them with practical information, tools and skills to help them achieve their personal goals.

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