The Ultimate Guide to the Best Conference Swag

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Low-quality swag is a problem for corporate event planners, as Millennials and Generation Z are less inclined to purchase branded items of low quality. Even though the promo marketing materials market is booming at $24 billion, it’s still difficult to find conference swag people love.

We’ve compiled the best conference swag categories, including the most sustainable and popular promotional marketing materials.

Find out how to select high-quality materials and personalization ideas and links to vendors that you can buy from. Next, find answers to your conference swag questions and learn how these items can increase your event’s ROI.

What is a Swag Gift?

Swag gifts are items with a logo or company name and are given to attendees at events. Swag gifts increase brand recognition and goodwill among targeted audiences. Because they can be ordered in bulk at a fair price, they make great marketing tools.

These are some ideas to help you choose the best conference swag.

Conference swag should be both eco-friendly and affordable. Your goal is to find conference merchandise that your audience will enjoy for a long period. Check out these tips to help you decide which high-quality versions each idea is and how to make them your own.

Get drinkware conference swag.

Drinkware conference swag includes tumblers, mugs, water bottles and mugs that can be personalized with your branding. This type of swag works best at conventions, as lines for drinks are often long and tedious. However, drinkware conference swag lets attendees refill their water wherever they go.

Select high-quality options: Prioritize glass and BPA-free plastic options for the best possible drinkware conference swag.

Personalize it for your audience. Use reusable water bottles to support athletes, coffee-loving remote workers, or people who travel a lot.

You can get it here: These brightly coloured stainless-steel water bottles come with screw-on caps. This hot and cold beverage container can be customized with your logo and brand colour.

Get conference swag from a brand you know.

Any well-known product your audience loves that features your logo or brand name is brand name conference swag. These items are best for annual meetings or VIP conferences. Although they come at a higher price, they are often on attendees’ wish lists.

Select high-quality products: This category covers nearly all items so that you can choose from many high-quality products. You can narrow down your choices by choosing brands aligned with your company’s values, appealing to your target audience, and enhancing your company image.

Make it personal to your audience. Pay close attention to your audience’s products, carries, and wears. Check if the brand offers promotional marketing materials partnerships through their website or a third party. Reach out to inquire about their availability.

If the conference swag maker you choose cannot print custom, bulk-order the product and then work with an independent studio for your logo or brand. You can also add your labels or stickers to brand merchandise using low tech methods.

Participants with sustainable technology conference swag.

Any equipment or accessory made from sustainable technology, such as power banks, phone stands, and micro USBs, can be considered sustainable technology conference swag. They can be used at any event but are especially useful for large conferences because they can be recycled or reused for many years.

Select high-quality materials. Bamboo and aluminium are more durable than plastic.

Personalize it for your audience: Make branded, sustainable Bluetooth speakers and charger pads for Millennials and Generation Z. For Generation X, choose eco-friendly bamboo stylus pens for promotional purposes and reusable camera blocks.

Find it here: You can choose from solar-powered charging panels or recycled laptop sleeves.

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