The Step-By-Step Marketing Automation Guide to Group Sales

July 26, 2022 by No Comments

How long does it take for your hotel to close a group booking sale? How many hours do employees spend on this sale? Would you like to speed up the process and make it more efficient?

Group bookings can bring in a lot of additional revenue. However, managing the sales process for groups can be time-consuming and difficult. Automating certain steps in your sales process can help you streamline and personalize the interactions with potential customers and ultimately increase the likelihood of closing more deals.

What is marketing and sales automation?

Although automation may sound daunting, it can be a powerful tool to increase group bookings and customer satisfaction. Marketing automation means using technology to communicate with customers via multiple channels and automating manual processes. It also tracks results.

Automation: Why?

Marketing automation is a powerful tool. However, many hotels are slow to adopt automation technology. Many hotels have been slow to adopt automation technology due to training staff, costs, and ROI concerns. Marketing automation will not do all the work for your business. Still, it can help automate repetitive, redundant tasks so you can focus on the areas that are most important to you and maximize conversions.

Your buyer’s journey

It is important to understand how they make buying decisions to provide useful content to your guests while they are looking at your property. The buyer’s journey is a marketing framework that helps you understand how customers make decisions. It covers everything from identifying what they need to find the right solution.

CEB found that 57% of buyers decide before reaching out to sales. It is important to consider where your customers are looking for information and to place content to help them find it strategically.

Segment your audience

It is easier to separate groups based on how organizers and event planners found you. You will have different content for sports teams than corporate events, family reunions, and weddings. You can choose 3-5 groups most likely to stay at your hotel and create a strategy. This segmentation allows you to tailor content for different audiences, which is one of the key benefits of automation.

Consider the information they will be most interested in, the channels they use to find it, and the time they might be looking for it. For example, let’s take a wedding as one type of group that could book at your property.

Choose which channels you want to automate

You should know which groups you will create content for and how their decision-making process works. Now you need to decide where each type of content will be posted.

In our example, you might have noticed that wedding groups such as Pinterest or Instagram begin their research somewhere visual and inspiring. Then they start to think about what they want for a venue and then head to Facebook or wedding forums to discuss their options.

Your impact can be measured.

Automating your business will only be possible if you can track the results of your actions. A CRM system like Social Tables’ group selling and catering CRM software allows you to keep track of leads as they arrive and provides powerful reporting tools that allow you to see the results of your efforts. Your CRM and website analytics reports can help you determine which automation strategies are successful and where you should spend your time.

Keep optimizing and testing until you find the best mix of strategies to suit your property and audience. While the process is never complete, automating some parts of your group sales process can give you more time to test and find new ways to increase group sales.

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