Talent Delivery Event Ideas

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Every company needs staff. All recruiters need to believe that they can find them. It is sometimes worth taking the initiative and organizing events that put your company in direct contact with the people you might be hiring.

You can look closely at each person to see if they have the drive, skills, and personality to succeed. They save time and allow you to impress those who might work for you.

Take a look at our event ideas to find the one that suits your hiring needs:

The walkthrough tour

You can get hints and clues about life at work through the job application process. You can’t speak to the employees, get a feel of the workplace or imagine a day at work.

A business that has a large and well-designed workspace should offer a day in the life to potential new employees. Ensure you include staff presentations, a tour of the office and lunch at the canteen. This will encourage the best talent.

Set a maximum attendance limit (maybe four groups of twenty) and ask each attendee to book their place online.

A real-world test

This is the equivalent of a job interview 2.0: The real-world test.

Many roles require a variety of skills and cross-department communication. It is a great way to see if someone can do all the required tasks.

I may ask for help in finding a marketing intern.

This is a quick reminder. A candidate for a senior position should have the required skills or be able to demonstrate how they can meet the job requirements. Experienced workers applying for less-experienced roles often don’t have this luxury. This is where the real-world test comes in.

The job fair

In a large company? Do you need to hire multiple roles? You can give a new spin to the exhibition model and hold your job fair with booths for each department.

It is important to have competent staff at the key points which can answer any questions. You can also have some less experienced workers as reassurance and point of reference.

Job fairs can be a great way to show off all sides of your company and the routes people have with you. Even if only a few positions are being advertised, it is possible to opt people into receiving communications about any new openings by collecting their contact information via the booking process.

The conference

Consider a conference. Think of a conference with fewer sponsors and sales and more focus on learning and content. Now you have speakers and sessions, networking opportunities, potential hires and an event.

You’re likely to recognize the power of speech in influencing opinions and decisions if you’ve seen a TED talk. Scaled-down conferences allow you to present your company to various candidates. Once you have their contact information, you can inform them about any opportunities.

Off-site party

You can avoid hosting an event at your office, but you would still like to see staff members mix and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

This test is very different from our real-world one in that you should not discount people just because they aren’t the life and soul. It’s not about finding the best bowler or biggest drinker. It would help if you are looking for someone who can work well with the team and communicate the right messages.

This is a smaller version of the job fair and can only be used for 50 people. One person should be hired for every two applicants. This will ensure that everyone has the chance to make a connection.

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