Increase group bookings with budget-friendly perks and rewards

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Limited service hotels can make a lot of money by booking groups. However, attracting groups and keeping them returning for more cannot be easy. To increase the number of hotel bookings, build loyalty and stand out, smart hotel owners and operators have begun to offer creative perks to their groups. These creative, budget-friendly perks and rewards are available for group bookings.

Get discounts for your local business partners by joining forces.

Your hotel and local businesses can benefit from partnering with them for discounts. Guests feel that they get something extra when they stay at a hotel. They also receive useful information about local attractions and suggestions for things to do. If the organizer is the only one in your group, you can offer ideas for activities for your group. Local businesses will feel more connected to the community and be more likely to use your property or recommend it to others when they need it.

Unique experiences: Arrange special events

Your hotel can create an unforgettable experience for guests by hosting special events. This will ensure they return to your brand and property again. Although sports and dining experiences are the most popular, there is no limit to what you can offer. You might offer a manicure to the bride or discounted spa services to her whole wedding party as part of your wedding package. You could organize a session with a trainer or fitness coach in the hotel’s gym or outside space if you have a team of athletes. You don’t have to make these experiences expensive to show appreciation for the group and ensure they have a memorable stay at your property.

Unconventional space: Book hotel rooms for groups

Meeting spaces and room blocks are the main revenue source for groups. However, creative thinking could lead to additional income streams for your hotel’s group sales strategy. You might be surprised at how many spaces you don’t use. A visiting swim team, bridal group, or family reunion might want to reserve your pool for them to use for a few hours. Your restaurant kitchen may be available for use by a corporate group during lunchtime to host a group cooking class.

Logistics and storage: We can help you with your packages and gear

Large groups may have a lot of gear, whether personal luggage, musical instruments, conference material, or sports equipment. This gear doesn’t need to be a hassle to manage. It’s a great way for groups to return again and again.

Check with the organizer or event planner before groups arrive to discuss their gear and if any will arrive. While it may seem standard at hotels to offer storage and the possibility of receiving packages at the hotel, this perk can prove very useful for groups. In your group booking materials, including information about the equipment storage and messaging. You can also communicate with the group throughout the booking process.

Room perks: No-cost nights, upgraded rooms, early check-in and late checkout, VIP suites

Remember that you can offer the same perks to groups as to individuals. If offered in the right context, free nights, upgrades to their rooms, late checkout, early check-in and room upgrades can all be powerful rewards. You can set up reward levels for larger bookings to give more rewards. A wedding party that books more than 10 rooms may be able to get late checkout for their guests. Those who book 20 rooms or more will receive a room upgrade. Many hotels have begun to classify their rewards into tiers and let their guests choose the rewards they want as they progress through each tier.

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