IMEX Breaks a Record: The Future of Hotel Tech & Wellness is in High Demand

July 26, 2022 by No Comments

This week, we look at five stories highlighting the core themes of current successful events. Face-to-face is vital, technology is important, attendees want wellbeing, F&B trends embrace plant-based food, and sustainability should be considered in all decisions.

Don’t you have the time to read all of them? We’ve broken them down so you can use them in your events.

The 5 Most Important Stories of the Week Summarized

IMEX America Sets New Appointment Record (TSNN)


Approximately 14,000 people attended this year’s IMEX America. It occurred at Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, September 10th-12th. More than 3,500 international exhibitors participated in the event, which generated more than $20 million in economic impact. The most striking data point is the staggering 76,000 appointments made at IMEX.

What does this mean for planners?

Our industry’s seemingly unstoppable growth over the past decade is evident in the record-breaking number of face-to-face meetings. This is a clear indication that face-to-face meetings are highly sought after. It should remind planners that networking is still the most important part of an event experience, even more than new technology.

What’s next?

Face-time continues to suffer as we spend more time on screens each year. Face-to-face meeting demand will only increase with the decline in in-person communication. Events will become more innovative in how they bring people together. They will also use out-of-the-box ideas like C2 Montreal’s trapeze chairs swinging to make the meeting more immersive.

Experts Predict That 2034 Will Rule the Hotel Industry (Guestline).


Recently, hotels have seen their business suffer from home-sharing websites like Airbnb. Hoteliers are wondering what they can do to stop this trend. In-room technology is a potential area for hotels to revitalize their image. This area could be an investment area for those brands with large budgets. Guestline interviewed 6 AI experts, hotel owners and architects to discuss the future of hotel rooms.

What does this mean for planners?

In five areas, attendees can look forward to major advances over the next 15 years:

  • AI A separate Guestline survey predicted that 85% of business interactions would occur without human-to-human interaction.
  • Voice-Assisted technology – Most simple tasks can be done quickly via voice command.
  • Synchronization Smartphones can instantly sync with TVs and other in-room technology for seamless streaming.
  • Wireless– Outlets are going to disappear as wireless charging becomes a reality.
  • Facial Recognition– Facial recognition will eliminate the need to wait for the check-in and free up space for key cards.

What’s next?

It is still to be seen if these investments in the in-room experience will attract guests back who have moved on to home-sharing. It is difficult to predict the timeline of these technologies and how important they are for consumers.

Wellness is key, Reports New CWT Survey by Carlson Wagonlit Travel.


According to a new CWT survey, business travelers are more concerned about wellness than ever and booking accordingly. Based on responses from over 2,000 respondents around the world, the survey presents some key features this segment expects from hotels.

Benchmark Announces the Top F&B Trends (Meetings today)


Benchmark Global Hospitality, which owns 80 hotels, resorts and restaurants worldwide, has surveyed its executives’ chefs and culinary professionals to create their annual Top 10 Dining Trends List. The top two trends are increased CBD-infused food and beverages and more plant-based menu items.

An Eco-Conscious Guide for Using Balloons at Events by BizBash

In recent years, venues and planners have added balloons to the list of plastic waste. BizBash points out that balloons can still be useful additions to events and minimize their environmental impact.

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