Genius Ideas for Best Trade Show Exhibition Booths

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The Tradeshow Statistics indicate that 67% of event attendees are new opportunities for businesses. They work in top management and have significant buying power. This means they will likely purchase one to two of the products/services they hear about. You must create the best exhibition booth possible to capitalize on these opportunities.

How can I get people to my booth?

These are the basic principles from which most modern business expo ideas derive their inspiration:

  1. Choose wood and textured materials over metal to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  2. Meet their immediate needs. Water bottles, charging outlets and wifi are available for free.
  3. Your booth should be more than just about your brand. You can display your logo and products. Ensure your booth offers attendees more information and a better experience than visiting your website online.

These are the most important things to do to draw people in. If you want to make your booth stand out, consider creating a truly unique exhibition booth.

What can I do to make my booth stand out in an exhibition?

These are the top trade show ideas.

  • Unique giveaways. Items like Xboxes or Amazon gift cards worth $500 are always in high demand. Even if you don’t have the funds to purchase something like this, the key is to offer something that is both highly sought-after and universally attractive. Scan badges to capture emails and simplify the entry process.
  • Stunts. Exploding Kittens The vending machine puppet show shows how creative brands can be, no matter their medium.
  • Take advantage of trends. Give away something free at your booth that people will be willing to pay a lot for.

All that? Now you’re on your way to the best trade show booth. Let’s now look at some other ideas to enhance your booth strategy.

Creative Booth Ideas: The Best Exhibition Booths to Attract Visitors

These tradeshow ideas will make you the most of your event investment.

Incorporate 3D projection mapping into your exhibition booth design.

3D mapping adds augmented reality to your booth. It’s a great way to bring augmented reality into any design. This is a quick solution for booths with dim or moody lighting and spaces with unusual structures. You can project something fun (like dancing gears or folding abstract shapes) or something directly related to your brand (an artistic rendering or product blueprints of your logo would be a hit).

Employ dedicated staff for your booth.

You should have members of your core staff at the show. However, you will need to include customer support specialists on your team for tasks such as greeting guests and setting up displays.

Interactive booth games

Interactive booth games can be a great way for people to get in touch and stay there for a while. These are just a few ideas to help you get started.

  1. Industry trivia or featured speaker
  2. A game show wheel that offers both fun and valuable prizes
  3. In your lounge, set up a real video game console and controller
  4. Your exhibition booth activities should be planned around the main event schedule.

You wouldn’t want your prize giveaway during the main speaker event. Instead, use the popular seminars to clean your booth and wipe down electronic devices with anti-bacterial cleaners. Also, ensure that all your prospect data is properly backed up. Save the demonstrations and guest signings for high-traffic/programming periods.

At the event, launch new products.

92% of trade show attendees state that their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products in action. Why not create a special release for your booth guests? To make it extra special, you can incorporate guerilla Marketing strategies such as a flash mob or geofilters.

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