Five Creative Ways to Get More Referrals Using a CRM

June 20, 2022 by No Comments

Our CRM buying guide and blog will tell you that your CRM system can segment your audience, boost SMERF Salesmanage the sales team, or even automate marketing. Many hotels believe their CRM system can be a powerful tool in top-of-the-funnel marketing and sales. Your CRM system can also help you build loyal customers by increasing your referrals.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals made by people they know. The Marketshare report t says word-of-mouth can increase marketing effectiveness by up to 54%. Referrals are a part of regular marketing and can increase conversion rates by 70%. They also report a 69% quicker close time.

Ask at the right time.

Referring hotels often ask for referrals immediately after guests have stayed at the hotel. Although these are ideal times, it is possible to miss out on referrals by not asking at the right time. You can use your CRM to find the best time to request a referral for your property.

Research shows that the “first success” is the best moment to ask for a referral. Although this is different for each customer, it is the moment they feel they made the right decision when choosing your property.

Although it can be difficult to determine the right moment for your property, your CRM can help you. If you receive spontaneous referrals, make sure to add a note to the contact referring you, noting the time they made it. You will begin to notice trends for certain types of group members over time.

You don’t have to be afraid to try new things when requesting a referral. Keep it in your CRM, and you will know which efforts were successful.

Offer a reward program.

Although not all group planners are open to receiving rewards, some members of your audience will likely appreciate incentives or rewards for referring others. This reward is not intended to be a payment for the referral but rather a way to thank event planners or group organizers with whom you have a good relationship. Your CRM can track and test rewards with different audience segments. You can track which incentive was given to which group and when it was offered to help you measure your success and develop a repeatable strategy.

Identify the most likely referrers.

A CRM system offers one of the greatest benefits: the ability to get to know your customers. This CRM system allows you to go beyond what you know about event organizers and planners to learn more about their behavior and how they interact with your sales process.

Keep track of your referral marketing contacts and tasks.

Your property’s size will determine how many potential event planners your sales team has. You may have chosen a CRM system because you can keep track of these relationships using email, spreadsheets, or paper contract systems. Referral marketing can be greatly improved by being able to organize and track all your contacts.

Team members can share the task.

Your CRM can be used as an institutional memory or taskmaster for groups. You can assign tasks to different members of your sales, marketing, or operations team so that they can share the relevant parts of the sales funnel. Referrals are an example of this. One person can ask for a referral, another one the task to follow up and the third the task to hand out rewards and perks.

The CRM tracks who completed which tasks, making it easy to refer others. Customers will feel like everyone on the team understands their property history and can tailor their approach accordingly.

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