Events You Need to Pay Attention To Right Now

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When planning an event, there are many things that event planners must consider. Let’s get back to basics. It is important to determine the type of function you would like to host. Virtual and hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular. Many types of live events can also be done online. What are some other ideas for event ideas? Here’s a list of the most popular categories: virtual, corporate, fundraisers, and festivals.

Corporate events

It’s common to hear the phrase “corporate event”, but what does it mean? A corporate event is an activity organized by a business meant for employees, clients, stakeholders, or a charity.

A seminar is a program targeted at a specific audience and provides highly relevant information. You can host this event at your company headquarters or in a community space. Or, you can even do it online through a platform such as a Zoom or Vimeo. A seminar can have one speaker or a few speakers. It is common for speakers to address the entire audience.

  1. Conferences
  2. Conferences are more complicated events with multiple speakers and sessions in various venues. Shows

Trade shows are a great way to show off your product and introduce your brand to other businesses and the public. Trade shows are usually held in large venues that allow for many vendors. Trade shows are a great way to generate leads and sales.

  1. Workshops

Although many events are business-to-business (B2B), it is important to remember the importance of workshops and training sessions. They can help businesses build relationships with staff and the general public.

Social events

There are many reasons to gather a group of people away from work or the workplace, such as an anniversary celebration or team-building event. Social events should reflect the interests of individuals and revolve around entertainment and eating.

  1. Reunions

Reunions can be anything from a reunion with old classmates to celebrating an important anniversary. You can have speeches, music played by a DJ, or a slide show of old photos. The event should encourage people to reminisce. The best way to capture the memories made is by hiring a videographer and photographer. If invitees live in different countries, you can make your reunion virtual to allow everyone to attend.

  1. Webinars

A webinar is an online presentation that addresses a topic to a virtual audience. It can be either academic, such as a historical event, business-focused, or both. There is usually enough time to have a Q&A at the end. This format is ideal for educational talks because there is often only one presenter at any given time. You have many options for hosting a webinar.

  1. Classes

Many online classes cover everything, from twerking to wine-tasting. You should also consider whether your students will need samples to taste the food (or drink) or if they require any tools (for cooking or pottery classes) and how your technology works. You may also need better-quality audio equipment so your attendees can hear you.

  1. Interactive performances

Entrepreneurial performers have discovered new ways to perform plays or other live performances. Online comedy gigs are possible. VIP tickets allow people to pay extra to gain access to the virtual audience and the chance to be “picked up” by the host. Everyone else can watch the Livestream in safety. A virtual murder mystery is another popular event where creators offer challenges online, and the audience helps solve the crime.

  1. Summits

This type of collaborative event is similar to an in-person conference but is online. The tickets give attendees access to many talks, interviews, presentations and other activities that follow a common theme. You will also find interactive elements such as “breakout rooms” that allow for mastermind sessions or networking.

Fundraising events

These events are designed to raise funds for an organization, as the name implies. Unsurprisingly, non-profits and school sports clubs often use these events.

  1. Auctions

Items sold at a higher price during fundraising bidding wars may be more profitable for charities. A catalog of items helps give people time to choose what items they want to bid on. They will be more inclined to place a higher bid if attached to the item. Online or in-person auctions are possible. You could auction off classic items such as artworks or services like personal training sessions, dinner at a well-respected restaurant, and so on.

  1. Sponsored sporting events

Another way to raise money is to challenge your friends and family by asking them for sponsorship money. Relay races, long-distance walks, and triathlons are all examples of events. In recent years, obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder or Iron Man are becoming more popular because they’re much easier to organize. People can run the race at their own pace using trackers apps.

  1. Sales

A stall selling baked goods, seedlings or bric a brace is a proven fundraising method. It can be transformed into a community event by allowing others to set up stalls in return for a pitch fee or monetary donation.

  1. Gala dinners

These glamorous events often include entertainment and a fancy dinner. Attendees pay for the cost of a seat at the table. After arriving, they are encouraged to donate generously through a raffle, auction, or other competition. It’s worth asking suppliers to sponsor these events by waiving or reducing their fees in return for the chance to support a worthy cause.

  1. Music festivals

It’s a good idea to hire acts from similar genres to host a music festival. This will help you target your audience and narrow down your audience. For variety, you might also consider hiring comedians or other acts. Virtual music events are usually much cheaper than in-person ones.

  1. Food festivals

Food festivals combine food trucks with live demonstrations and tents selling foodie goodies such as innovative ingredients or the newest kitchen tools.

Community Events

Community events aim to bring people together, make positive changes and build relationships among people in your community.

  1. Street parties

A street party is a great way to bring your neighbors together, regardless of whether it’s a long-table setup or a door-to-door drink situation. This is often done for special events like the Royal Jubilees. There are rules and regulations that you must follow. You will usually need to contact your local council to request a road closure.

  1. Swap shops

Host a swap shop in your neighborhood for second-hand items. This is a fun way to meet people and reduce waste. Everyone sets up a table or stall and then fills it with items they don’t need anymore. There is no need to pay anything for the items you take; leftovers can be donated to local charities.

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