Event planners can relax and recharge in these soothing ways.

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Event planning ranks among the top five most stressful jobs in the world. These great ideas, tools and activities will help you manage your worries and make them less stressful.

Please find out the top ways event planners add relaxation to their days.

This article will help you manage stress during event planning and relax before, during, and after your next big project.

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Take a walk every lunch break. You can also create an energetic playlist on Spotify and listen to it only when feeling down.

Clear your mind

Download a meditation app ( Headspace offers free and paid options) or a self Hypnosis program to get out of your head.

Upskill your staff

You can add more volunteers to the event staff or hire helpers to handle the more tedious tasks. You can contact local colleges to find students interested in event planning or use social networking to search for them.

Breathe easier

Yoga-inspired breathing techniques can be used. Living Better’s YouTube series will help you self-soothe in just 3 minutes.

Get outside

Do you have easy access to a walking or park trail? You can host your next meeting by going on a hike. A successful offsite meeting requires a smaller group than 10 people. This will allow for fun and productive conversation.

Automate posting

Apps like Hootsuite and Buffer make it easy to automate social media posts related to events using apps such as AgoraPulse.

Exercise more

You can choose from hundreds of professionally-developed workouts that you can do in the Beach Body App right at your office.

Set boundaries

You shouldn’t have a difficult day, especially if your work is remote. It’s time to put down your electronics and clear your workspace. Also, write down a list of things to do tomorrow.

You can use pleasant scents in your workplace.

Use aromatherapy in your meeting space to add some relaxation. Citrus, lavender, mint, cedar, or oil oils are the most relaxing scents.

Buffer everything

While we may think that things take less time than they do, we still find ourselves in a rush and behind schedule. For every task or deadline, no matter how long it takes to plan an event. This applies to meetings, travel time from your office to the venue, and everything else on your list. 

More celebrations

Set mini-goals during the planning process to congratulate yourself on the little victories. To celebrate the completion of your project, organize a basic karaoke evening with your team. You can also enjoy your successes at home by doing something extra. No matter what you do, take a moment to remember all of the great experiences you’ve had.

New projects

It is good to be excited about things other than work. However, make sure that it is not for business purposes. Take a pottery class, bake a 7-layer cake, and see how you feel afterwards. These are just a few of the many stress-relieving activities you might be interested in.

Get extra sleep

You can subtly increase your sleep by getting to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual and waking up fifteen minutes later. This extra 30 minutes of sleep per night will make your life more meaningful.

24 Hour Rule

If you can do so, ensure that event setups take place 24 hours before doors open. This will allow you to see who is missing or what they are doing. You have plenty of time to correct any problems if they do occur. Double-check the time that another event is scheduled before yours.

Get organized

Even if your efforts are already great, better event planning tools can make a difference. A great software tool can make it easier to organize your events, from creating floor plans to working with vendors to streamlining your files for event planning.


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