Email Outreach Templates for Event Planning & Tips That Work

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Ready to use email? To build your event planning team with amazing clients with even greater budgets, These examples and tips for event planners will give you more insight into networking, building relationships, and winning contracts.

10 Best Event Planning Email Practice Tips

These strategies will maximize open and response rates and keep your email address from being labeled spam.

A quick tip before we start: Notice how we used email addresses instead of accounts. Even if your event planning company name were transferred to another provider, you would still have problems getting your message across to your regular contacts and – God forbid – to existing clients. You’ll be fine as long as the following precautions are taken.

Create unique messages in your first 10-20 emails to warm up your account.

You risk your email account being flagged as spam if you don’t. You can save time and use a template to create each one. Make sure that each sentence in the template is unique to the recipient and that the date you send them each one is different.

Slowly increasing the outgoing emails you send will help you avoid spam filters.

Accounts that display unusual behavior, such as sending out multiple emails per day at once, are quickly shut down. Sending only one to two emails daily will keep your email provider happy. You can increase it by 2 or 3 messages per day every week until you reach your goal.

Include a link to your digital schedule so prospects can make a booking directly with you.

These appointment scheduling apps are highly rated and highly recommended.

Subject lines for emails should be conversational and not exceed 10 words.

Your subject line is what determines whether or not your email gets opened. Your subject lines should be short, sweet, and personal to reassure your reader that you are not just a program.

Avoid bouncebacks by using email prospecting tools.

It is possible to block your email address if you send too many emails that bounce back. Before you send, run each contact through an app such as VoilaNorbert and You may be able to suggest a different address.

Do not get caught up in the time of day; you should send an email. Instead, focus on being consistent.

You might be able to reach someone more quickly if you send them an email on Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon. These claims don’t take into account the different scheduling habits and industry variations, nor the average age of the recipients. Don’t forget to make outreach a routine, no matter how difficult.

For every message that you send, make sure to follow up at least once

drip campaign is also an option if you feel more ambitious.

Your official introductory email should contain no more than three sentences.

This is especially important if you are trying to reach busy corporate clients. They might not be able to read the entire message. To make your message stand out, bold the title “event organizer” and the CTA if you suspect they may be in a hurry.

Include a professional email signature that includes your portfolio link and business details.

Wisestamp provides a free version that looks great and can also be customized. Add your photo, email address, telephone number, and link to your website.

Ask recipients to arrange an exploratory meeting for your CTA.

Your email should grab their attention, get them to respond, and (assuming so) move on to the next step.

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