Creative Ice Cream Catering Ideas

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We have plenty of ideas for ice cream catering, whether you are hosting an employee appreciation party or a product launch. We’ll be covering the most important aspects of ice cream themed events, including budgeting.

What is the cost of catering an ice cream party?

Before you start planning your event, you should consider the cost of each option. DIY catering is a great way to be creative, and it can also save you money. Professional ice cream catering by well-known brands can be convenient and more exciting for guests who know and love the flavours.

Whatever your choice, here are the facts behind ice cream party catering.

How much does DIY ice cream catering cost?

The cost of one gallon of ice cream at grocery stores is about $5-$7 per person and can be served to up to 16 people (if each person gets one cup). Scooping tools cost $3 each, bowls or cones cost $4 at bulk stores, and spoons are required to clean up quickly.

For 50 people, the total cost of an event is $60. You will pay an additional charge for any extras or other event necessities.

What is the cost of Cold Stone catering?

The Cold Stone catering catalogue states that the well-known ice cream chain sells premade ice cream pans with 30 servings each for $100. You can also order custom toppings and cakes. You will need to call them to receive an accurate estimate depending on your options.

What is the cost of Ben and Jerry’s catering?

Ben and Jerry’s cater menu offers ice cream catering to a minimum of 50 people starting at $3.50 per cup and cone party. Delivery is available at an additional cost. You will need to order directly from Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop.

Explore ice cream event logistics

Ice cream is a fast-melting dessert so it can be difficult. These are some ice cream event logistics to help you plan your day.

Ice cream balls pre-scoop.

This simple trick will save you time on the day. You can separate the scoops later by placing them on covered trays. For maximum freshness, serve within one week of scooping.

Stock up with extra freezer bags and ice buckets.

Have you ever wondered how to keep ice cream cold at a party? This is the simplest solution.

Search for places with a large freezer.

Think about how your catering setup will affect the distance servers and guests have to travel once their food is served. Ice cream freezers that are best for events are designed to hold ice cream from the top. They are also used exclusively for events, so no other flavours are lost.

Explore the ice cream event themes

Events and meetings can be made more fun with ice cream themes. Here are some fun ideas for ice cream themes.

Here’s what you need to know.

This punny theme party theme will help you celebrate important company news like retirements, quarterly goals achieved, and new locations opening.

Seasonal inspiration.

Consider unusual seasonal flavours, such as cranberry or lavender in the fall and spring, and then follow your event’s decor and colours.

An old-fashioned ice cream parlour.

For decoration, use pastel balloons, striped tablecloths, or awnings.

Explore ice cream menu options

There are many options for ice cream, from a wide variety of flavours to more traditional Neapolitan flavours to a limited number of colours. Find out how to make your menu more personal to create an unforgettable experience.

DIY Sundae bar.

This is a great option for both your guests and your budget. You’ll only need one to two attendants at the buffet, instead of a full staff. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly with minimal supervision.

Over The Rainbow.

For an event that is colourful and Instagram-worthy, line up a variety of ice cream flavours in the colours of the rainbow.

Company Pride.

Name your flavours after the CEO or mascot of your company. You can also choose the event, ice cream, and utensil colours based on your brand.

Milkshakes, floats and shakes.

You can also make your DIY bars. You will need a dedicated server to handle all the blenders you use.


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